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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping, freight forwarding, customs clearing and logistics services are a huge dynamic in the movement of goods. It can be both very simple and very complex depending on the mode and the method used to transport goods. We have compiled a list of some questions that are frequently asked by people who are not familiar with the shipping of goods.


Are we clearing agents?


Yes, definitely. Advanced Shipping Systems is a licensed customs clearing agent with the South African Revenue Services (SARS). We are able to process import clearances through customs for importers. This also includes the payment of any customs duties and taxes that may be applicable. After the successful processing of an import clearance through customs, we are able to complete the service by delivering the consignment to the importer's door or warehouse.

Are we freight forwarders?

Yes, Advanced Shipping Systems, through its membership with the Global Logistics Network (GLN), is able to make contact with the seller of the goods and arrange for the collection and the shipment of those goods from the sellers warehouse, using the appropriate mode of transport, to the buyer's store or warehouse.


I've never used a shipping agent before. What should I do?

Most shipping agents are professional organisations, that are well able to provide good service and advise on how to move your consignment from point A to point B. By discussing your needs with your shipping agent, you will be able to determine a cost effective and efficient way to ship your consignment. A shipping agent can assist you with the following:

  • SARS registration or compliance

  • Best mode of transport

  • Most cost effective way to ship the goods.

  • Final delivery



Is using a shipping agent expensive?

By discussing your needs with a shipping agent, you will be able to determine which mode of transport will be more suitable for your consignment. Essentially it is the mode of transport you use, the size and the value of your consignment that will determine the cost of moving your goods. It is generally advisable to ask for comparisons, for example: How much will a consignment shipped by airfreight versus sea freight cost? Here you need to decide upon the urgency, the size and the value of the consignment relative to the mode of transport. Air freight as a unit of cost is usually more expensive than sea freight.

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